ONLINE BOOKINGS + Mobile Application for your clients

Public or individual client access to your profile

Applications for appointments which you control

Reducing non-attendance

Notifying clients directly on their phones

application for clients

What is Clients Reservation.Studio?

The client application is a convenient way for clients to book your services online and to look for appointment slots among the different locations, and for you – to accept or reject their applications. The client application facilitates the booking process by sparing you unnecessary calls, mails and text messaging.

Each client of yours can install the application on his or her phone operating on iOS or Android.

Clients Reservation.Studio connects your clients with your business profile with the help of only a couple of easy settings and saves you manual texting on your phone, names and other data.

Sharing yourbrand andlocationin the client application of RS,you enable your clients to see their history attendance.

This is one of the premium functions in your RS.. You cannot use the mobile application unless you are a business client of Reservation.Studio, however, is FREE-OF-CHARGE for your clients.

клиентско приложение

How does Clients Reservation.Studio work?

It is easy to use and fits according to your requirements – in the settings of this premium tool for online bookings, through your business account in Reservation.Studio, you can choose the services, which are appropriate for online booking appointment and whether your brand and application to be PUBLIC or NOT, if you work with a certain number of clients, as well as to approveor decline bookings. You will be able to generate a link to your location/brand inthe application, in order to share it via your social chanels– website, chat, email, social networks.

Activate the premium application from your business profile

order application
client application settings

Set the application according to your requirements

Share a link, secret code or QR code to invite your clients

app sharing

Get a notification each time someone makes a booking