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Reservation.Studio has everything you need to manage your group activities. Whether it’s yoga classes, dance, music lessons, educational courses and seminars, retreats, psychotherapy groups, or other group training sessions, Reservation.Studio is your most direct path to their successful implementation.

Why? With our software, you only need to announce your event, set the number of participants who can register, and let the rest happen automatically with the help of our multifunctional tools.

Group Activity Calendar

Manage your group activities with the help of our intuitive calendar. The feature provides you with complete control over the group activities, your breaks, and schedules. You can easily create and schedule group practices, workshops, and events, setting their time, duration, and capacity.

With the “Online Reservations” feature, your clients will be able to register online for upcoming group activities, while you and your team can easily track the number of participants and manage available spots.

Participant Limit

With Reservation.Studio, you can set a maximum number of participants who can register for your group activity, allowing your clients to sign up freely without worrying about exceeding the capacity. The software will handle this task for you, while you can enjoy incoming reservations with full participant information.

Waiting list

Reservation.Studio also features a waiting list, allowing your potential clients to sign up for your event or training session on a waiting list. This ensures that they can join your activity if a spot opens up, as the software automatically updates their status. And you ensure that you won’t lose any customers due to inability to react in time.


With our “Subscriptions” feature, you can easily track and manage the attendance of your loyal customers, as well as increase their numbers.

Create and manage various types of subscriptions, loyalty cards, and membership packages tailored to the needs of your participants.

From controlling the validity and duration of subscriptions to extending and processing payments, our module ensures a seamless process for both you and your clients.

Notifications and Reminders

Create and automatically send personalized notifications to your clients. You can customize templates and set the timing for sending notifications using our convenient editor with variables. This way, you can set reminders to be sent to clients who have registered for your sessions, ensuring you don’t lose any clients due to oversight. And if you need to cancel a session, you can easily notify everyone in the group about the changes with no need for phone calls.

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