Fully integrated online payments via Stripe

Enable online payments through the Stripe payment gateway in your Reservation.Studio profile, one of the most popular and reliable payment systems worldwide. Stripe is an excellent choice for a payment gateway for businesses that require high standards of security in online payments.

Integrating Stripe into your profile is an easy process with just a few clicks. After activation, your clients will be able to book appointments and make payments securely and quickly. Reservation.Studio gives you the option to set a percentage of the service amount for payment or to require full payment.

Using Stripe for online payments not only simplifies the process for your clients but also helps reduce no-shows. When clients prepay partially or fully for their reservations, they are more likely to show up for their scheduled appointments. This leads to better organization and efficiency for your business.

What do you receive?

Put an end to no-show clients.

Furthermore, with Stripe integration, you can track payments and reservations in real-time, enhancing transparency and financial management. This allows you to focus on delivering high-quality services while ensuring security and convenience for your clients.

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