How to choose the best scheduling software for your business?

There are many options out there which makes it hard to test and compare.
Here is a checklist to help you find out if Reservation.Studio is worth your time.

FREE and valuable

You might not be ready to spend money on scheduling software, and this is fine. Then you should be looking out for a free option, but also with the best daily features and right functionality in place.
Here is our pricing list of FREE and premium features: https://reservation.business/pricing/
If you need more details on any of it, before registration, feel free to ask us..

The features you will need daily are: Calendar with option “Blocked time”, Clients management, Employees management, Resources management, Payments, Discounts, Client application/Online Booking, Cash registers management, Personal Notifications, and Employee commissions.

Access from any device

Nowadays, this sounds simple. However, not every popular scheduling software has its mobile app so that you can smoothly work from laptops, tablets and smartphones at the same time.

Reservation.Studio has a mobile app version for both Android and iOS and you can access it with one free account – one password/one account, unlimited devices. All your data is synced and waiting for you – sit and schedule from a computer, then check and customize/change/enter reservations from your smartphone on the run.

Minimizing no-shows

Yes, every business has this problem in common. Your scheduling software must be able to help you protect your business from no-shows. Appointment reminders is the most friendly way to do so. If you decide to ask for a deposit/payment in advance from your clients, you may risk to lose them, especially if they are new.So we do not recommend this method.

What we offer is a huge variety of customizable emails and SMS templates to easily send kind reminders to your clients. You will find them in your free account at www.business.reservation.studio

Online/social media/mobile app booking options

24/7 Online booking is a must-have, nowadays. You absolutely have to offer this option to your clients and followers. There are many ways and forms to do so.

In Reservation.Studio we offer the best possible combination – booking via a free mobile app for your clients, synced with our scheduling software.

book online appointment software

Working with our Clients App, you can:

  • Set your business profile as public or private for the users of the app
  • Design your profile and business description
  • Approve or decline requests for booking
  • Manage calendar, working hours, services, slots from one single account, in sync with the booking app.
  • Put a link for online (mobile app) booking on your website/buttons, email signature, FB profile/page. Also, you can generate QR code to use at your store location, print advertising, and website.

This is the easiest, fastest, and most modern way to integrate and manage your online bookings and calendar. Find out more here: https://reservation.business/client-application/

Chat support in your native language

As there are many scheduling software options around the world, it is important for you to rely on fast enough support in your language. After all, you will use a new IT service and you may need assistance from a real person.

Our team answers as soon as possible to tickets (the main way to send any tech problem to us inside our software), Viber, Whatsapp, Messenger, Email, and even Instagram personal messages.

Аsk as soon as you have any questions because our market is big enough and we work with thousands of local businesses at the same time. We respond as soon as possible, promise.

You can ask us anything at any time from your account in Reservation.Studio or at support@reservation.studio

Discounts for your clients and Birthday wishes etc.

Ok, every scheduling software is supposed to help you manage your calendar and resources easily. But does it bring you more business, profits, help you with marketing?

At Reservation.Studio we work with marketing specialists to help your marketing in many ways:
– with our Free feature for setting discounts, you can reward and push your clients to buy.
– with our premium feature for personal notifications by email and SMS – you can notify and send promotional messages to your clients.
Also, you can congratulate them on their Birthdays – a great way to remind them of your services.
– with our Clients Mobile App – be accessible to your clients 24/7 in a modern way so that they can book whenever they feel the need – best marketing strategy!
– with weekly marketing and business tips in our blog
– with personal marketing help – ask for it, we consult personally, for free – we have close experience with businesses like yours, and we have seen what helps them grow. We can share.

Quick business reports

All this data in your digital calendar is gold. But you cannot analyze it and use it on your own. This is why your software should do it for you.

Currently, in your account in Reservation.Studio you can easily generate more than 15 types of business reports about your profits, client flows, used services etc. Half of them are totally free of charge and you can also have access to all PRO reports, for only 5 euros/month!

Another 20 types of reports are also coming up soon. So register and stay tuned in your account: www.business.reservation.studio

Warehouse and cash management

If you sell or use physical products/items of any kind in your business, you already have а warehouse/stock to manage.
You will be able to enter items and monitor them in your scheduling software, from your smartphone, with Reservation.Studio soon.

So register your business for free and stay tuned for this and many other premium features in your hand: www.business.reservation.studio


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