FREE features

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We provide you with free day-to-day features to run your business smoothly. You will find these free of charge RS features in your account:

This is an innovative format calendar allowing you to put down appointments in a much quicker and convenient manner, to track bookings and to manage reminders. The options to modify your bookings are limitless, even in more than one site or across different business activities.


Immediate insertion of a new client into the database. Management of services and bookings. Attendance history, client notifications for upcoming visits. Notes. Client status and client origin (access channel), insertion into a group.


Booking and services management at employee level in one or more locations/sites of your business. Management of access level for each employee. History of activity for the purpose of transparency in the work with clients. Notification to an employee upon new booking or change in it. Employee calendars and appointments for each one of them.

Services & Categories

Single services, group or package services. Quick or expanded addition and categorisation of the services in your business. Unlimited “appointment” of emplpoyees to a given service. Unlimited price options to a given service. “Booking” of specific material resources to a given service (appliances, instruments) by a certain employee.

Working Hours

Quick management of working hours for a given site and employee. Crreation of individual schedules with working hours and days and their easy comparing and management in one place so that you can track the workload of your personnel.

Blocked time

Blocking of time of a given employee and service – work break, operational/administrative time is automatically reflected in the Calendar to allow for a most precise planning of client work hours.


You can insert easily and manage several locations of a single business – several sites/locations. All locations of a given business may share common clients for a more flexible booking management.


You can manage several businesses/activities from a single account! Each business with its clients, employees, services and resources. Without overlapping and without being accessible by each employee (access management)


Tracking of business through a detailed statistics and analysis thanks to numerous reports. Reports of services used, number of clients, revenues, expenses, working hours of employees from personnel, etc.


Insertion of unlimited number of resources for a given site. You can easily connect equipment, rooms and work chairs with the services provided in order to avoid overlapping.

Tracking the workload of each resource.

Payment methods

There is an option to mark different payment methods at client and service level – bank, cash, etc., for the purposes of your personal account of revenues through various payment channels.


Track and record expenses in your business, pay bills such as rent, daily bills, petty cash, consumables and more.


Quick and easy insertion of various types of discounts. Applying the discount to a service, category of services, client, group of clients or a period of time.


You can insert various tax rates for services and/or products sold at your premises

Referral Sources

Important marketing information is to record where each of your customers comes from. The more popular channels are already set by us in a list that you can expand through your account.

Paid premium features

/ Select any of our tailor-made functions for your business /

We offer you additional premium features. They are optional and can only be used when needed. Here are the paid features:

Reports PRO - € 5/m

Perfect reporting solution with additional premium report types. It improves the functionality of basic reports. An essential extension for anyone serious about their business data.

Client application - € 15/m

The client application is a convenient way for clients to make online reservations / book appointments for your services and available hours on sites, and you can quickly accept or drop their requests. The app simplifies the process of booking an appointment, saving you annoying calls, emails and texting. Each of your customers can install on their phone, which runs on iOS or Android, and it requires only registration and adding your business as a favorite.

Cash registers - € 10/m

Useful if you have different departments, payment counters or POS machines in your business, it’s important to set up registers for each of them so you can accurately report on staff activities, sales performance, payments, and more.
This module provides the possibility to complete the sales in different locations. Working with several cash registers. Ability to create a cash register for each user and registering incomes and expenses from the registers.

Personal Notifications - from € 0.01/per piece

The most sought-after premium service with a greater variety of channels and templates! Create your own notifications and use different channels to notify your team and clients.

Additional Image Storage - € 2/m

Keep your photos from services rendered without worrying about your storage space. With this feature, there is space to save your images and their quality as much as you want.

Employee commissions - € 7/m

A sales commission is an additional compensation the employee receives for meeting and exceeding the minimum sales or services threshold.
We believe that functionality is an essential part of any business strategy and when done right can do miracles for your business.
The commissions are effective for your team because it provides employees with the opportunity to obtain additional compensation that rewards their efforts, and especially, their achievements.

Google Calendar Sync - € 2/m

There is a wonderfully easy and awesome way that connect and sync your working calendars with Google.